Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid 1974 Goals (2/3)


Goals of European Champions` Cup Final at Heysel Stadium in Brussels, first match and replay. German commentator: Oskar Klose.

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  1. yeah guys I agree Bayern is a top 4 team up there with real Madrid,milan,and Liverpool Bayern have been unlucky they should have at least 7 champions now,they lost on unbelievable way against aston villa on 82,man united on 99 and the last one against Chelsea on 2012 ,Bayern is just unlucky against English teams on finals.

  2. @folalqui Probably!

    The Bayern team of 1975 and 1976 was very degenerated – Their key players had won everything in the world of football when 1974 was over!

    Bayern didn`t play well in the Bundesliga from 1974 on and only qualified for the "Champions League" season 1975/1976 because they were the current champions (good old times where only the real champions played in this competition)!

    And Bayern had big money problems at that time!

  3. @bobomjon But those teams in 1987 and 1999 were not half of that impressive Bayern in 1974 (although they were just 1 minute to lose the Cup). Beckenbauer, Müller, Maier, Hoeness, Breitner, Schwarzenbeck, Kapellman… (Rummenigge arrived one year later) The first comic sketch I remember in a newspaper (I'm spanish) was for that first goal scored by Hoeness to Reina's father.

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