The Practical Canary Handbook

 A Guide To Breeding & Keeping Canaries


written by Marie Miley-Russell


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A sampling of topics in The Practical Canary Handbook:

  • The Canary, Past and Present
  • Song Type Canaries
  • American Singer: The Roller- Border Cross
  • Freedom and The American Singer Canary
  • How To Buy A Canary
  • Basic Care For Canaries
  • Seeds and Supplements
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Herbs and Natural Supplements
  • Bee Pollen and Canaries
  • The Soy Controversy
  • Soft Foods: Nestling and Egg Foods
  • Health Related Issues
  • Breeding Success: The Triad of Genetics, Lighting and Diet
  • Breeding Tips and Tricks
  • Breeding Related Health Issues
  • Cinnamon Inheritance
  • Variegation
  • The Molting Season
  • Judging of the American Singer Song
  • Preparing For Show Season
  • Tips and Tricks for Showing American Singers
  • Handy Things To Have On Hand In The Birdroom
  • Lighting Schedule
  • The Best Canary Sites On The Web (includes supply sites)
  • And more!

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