The Practical Canary Handbook

 A Guide To Breeding & Keeping Canaries


written by Marie Miley-Russell


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"I received your book, The Practical Canary Handbook, through today, I have several books on birds and I must say, this is the best book  about canaries I've purchased. Great job! I truly feel I got more than my money's worth, thanks!" J. G.

"This is the best canary book I know of! Very comprehensive- it reads as if you are sharing secrets with a friend!"   N.L.

"What a gold mine of information! The information is presented logically and in clear and easy to understand language." R. J.

"This book is a must-have for the library of anyone interested in breeding or keeping canaries."  R. S.

"This is the best book about canaries I have ever read and certainly the best book for novices I have come across. I am not really much of a reader, and I sat down and read it from cover to cover straight through! I recommend it to everyone who buys a canary from me." M. G.


Interested in joining an American Singer canary discussion group? Check out the American Singer canary group on Google!


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